Senior Python/Django Engineer

Remote, Netherlands

Apexive is a boutique software studio that creates top-notch technology for startups. 

We have a remote-first culture, and this position can be based anywhere. We encourage you to work in the way that best suits you. The company is led by an architect (the founder is actually coding), so you'll never feel like a cog in the machine. Everyone has the chance to choose the project and to make decisions that steer the company as a whole. 

While we are technology agnostic and believe in using the right tools for a given challenge, we are experts in cutting-edge frameworks and platforms, such as Flutter/Dart/NodeJS, Google Cloud Platform/AWS/Kubernetes, Python/Django, and Terraform, to name very few.  

 Our Hiring Process  

1. Apply via the button above and share with us a fragment of your recent code using Django and Django-rest-framework you are the proudest of. Please note that it should be link to the specific project/repository, not just to your whole GH/GL profile. It's highly appreciated if you will take this step consciously as it's first step of screening process.  

  • If this code is in the private repository, please share access rights with ayushin.

  • If there is signed NDA needed, please drop us an email jobs@apexive.com.

2. Cultural fit interview (up to 30 minutes)

3.  Technical discussion (up to 1 hour) 

4. Technical take-home test assignment (up to 2-3 hours)

5.  Review of the take-home assignment (up to 1 hour) 

Welcome aboard! 

What You'll Do
Reporting directly to the CTO, this role will be responsible for: 

  • Develop and maintain Backend solutions using Python/Django

  • Build docker images that can run on top of AWS or other PaaS

  • Model databases using MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB

  • Understand the needs of our clients and come up with solutions for their problems 

  • Taking an active part in our learning and knowledge-sharing culture

     We’ll work in an environment that rewards learning, whether it’s by trying out new technologies, sharing knowledge or best practices across the team, or learning skills from other colleagues.

Skills We're looking for:

Please note this is a senior role

  • 3+ years of Python/Django experience

  • Experience with RESTful backend applications, specially built with Django

  • An inability to write anything but clean, maintainable code.

  • Strong aversion to hard code

  • Experience with deployment processes like Docker, CircleCI, AWS, Heroku

  • Being up-to-date with the latest news and technologies about the Backend

  • High English proficiency as our company language is English

  • Ability to work independently

  • Alignment with our values, including get things done attitude

    We're looking for people who are passionate about building tech for startups and do not afraid of challenges!

Perks& Benefits

💰 A competitive compensation

📈 Equity options

💻 Work with the latest tech stack and top startups from various industries

🏖️ Reimbursed offsite week in Thailand full of adventures

🧳 Flexible work hours and truly remote work culture

🧗‍♂️ Work-From-Anywhere 

 📚 Conferences, meetups, language lessons, and seminars to support personal growth